Must-Visit Places in Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre

Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre

One vibrant centre with a variety of interesting locations is Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre. From environmentally friendly retailers to excellent dining choices, this shopping mall guarantees a great experience for every guest. Let’s see which places are the must-visit in Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre.

Gami Chicken & Beer: Korean Culinary Delight

At Burwood Brickworks, Gami Chicken and Beer is a culinary treasure providing a real Korean dining experience. Gami Chicken presents mouth-watering fried and grilled chicken dishes, well-known for its varied range of sweet, sticky, and spicy sauces. There is a sauce for every taste whether it be Original, Sweet Chilli, Soy Garlic, Spicy, Sweet Mustard, or Red Mayo. Popular among residents as well as tourists, Gami Chicken is wallet-friendly and bursting with flavours. The lively environment and exquisite cuisine guarantees that guests will savour every morsel. 

Gotcha Fresh Tea: Unique Tea Experience

Gotcha Fresh Tea at Burwood Brickworks offers an original and fresh tea experience. Unlike most bubble tea stores, Gotcha Fresh Tea takes great satisfaction in freshly making tea for every customer. The one plantation on Mount Ali sources the tea guarantees a distinctive and clear taste. To appeal to both Eastern and Western tea lovers, the menu features a wonderful assortment of handcrafted teas, collagen teas, and milk tea. For those who enjoy tea, Gotcha Fresh Tea is a must-visit since of its real taste and premium components. 

Hu Hui Supermarket: Asian Groceries and Fresh Food

High-quality Asian fresh food and supplies are always found at Hu Hui Supermarket in Burwood Brickworks. The store is a handy visit for all your cooking needs since it specialises in providing a large selection of Asian goods and cooking tools. Excellent service, pricing, and variety abound at Hu Hui Supermarket so that customers may locate exactly what they are looking for. Hu Hui Supermarket contains everything you can possibly need, from pantry basics to specialty goods to fresh fruit. 

Teddy Bakery: Freshly Made Pastries

Teddy Bakery, located in Burwood Brickworks, is a popular spot for freshly baked pastries, bagels, and toast. This neighbourhood bakery caters to bread lovers by delivering superior baked goods on a daily basis. Aside from their delectable pastries, Teddy Bakery offers Locale coffee to suit consumers’ caffeine needs. Teddy Bakery is a must-see for anyone with a sweet tooth or a need for fresh bread, thanks to its combination of high-quality, fresh ingredients and superb craftsmanship. 

Million Life: Entertainment and Retail

A singular retail experience, Million Life blends entertainment with shopping. Being Australia’s first entertainment-oriented retail organization, Million Life is committed to provide the most recent and outstanding shopping experiences. The store creates a sophisticated and pleasant environment for patrons by including massage chairs and entertainment devices. Visitors may get a top-notch massage or try their luck to win great awards. Million Life is rapidly growing and seeking to provide consumers in big Australian cities with a totally new experience.

Reading Cinemas: Premium Movie Experience

Reading Cinemas at Burwood Brickworks presents a first-class movie experience. Six wall-to-wall screens, including the amazing Titan Luxe, let movie buffs savour the newest blockbuster movies with elegance. The movie offers a first-rate food and beverage buffet, crystal clean Dolby Digital sound, and opulent reclining seats. Titan Luxe promises Dolby Atmos 360° immersive sound and a huge 23-meter screen, greatly enhancing the movie-going experience. Reading Cinemas also provides value ticket prices and the greatest popcorn and bargain combos to finish your trip. 


Anybody in the neighbourhood should definitely check Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre. Its varied array of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues guarantees something for everyone to appreciate. Burwood Brickworks provides a distinctive and unforgettable experience whether your search is for environmentally responsible products at Biome, savouring the tastes of Gami Chicken & Beer, or seeing a movie at Reading Cinemas. A unique retail destination in Australia, the centre stands out for sustainability, quality, and community commitment.