#Women's Fashion

A Brief History of Women’s Fashion in Australia

Women’s Fashion

While Australia might not have a long history of western society, fashion is taken seriously in the Land Down Under and since the first settlers arrived in what is now Sydney Harbour, the women have strived to look their best and that has never changed.

In this short article, we delve into the colourful history of the Australian fashion world.

Pre-World War II

The 1920s saw US fashion arriving via newspapers and magazines, with Art Deco becoming a firm favourite with the Sydney elite, even though times were hard and certain things were unavailable, Australian fashion designers excelled, although their market was the middle-upper class. Fast forward to 2024 and you can order Louis Vuitton ladies handbags from an online supplier.

Post- World War II

The end of the Second World War saw Australian fashion blossom and that was attributed to Australian wool, which is said to be the finest in the world. It didn’t take long for Aussie fashion designers to discover the finest wool on the planet and that was enough to kickstart the industry. 

The 1970s and 1980s

Certain Aussie fashion designers such as Jenny Kee, Linda Jackson and Ken Done really stamped their mark on Aussie fashion. These fashion designers wanted to create a unique style that reflected the best of Australia and they chose daring cuts and bright colours to create garments that made their mark in the global fashion world. Click here to learn about wedding dress detailing.

Sydney’s Mardi Gras

In 1982, Peter Tully was made leader of the Sydney Mardi Gras and that changed everything for the LBGTQ community. He was furnished with a budget to create floats for the parade and he did an exceptional job and a new era in Australia was born. Shortly after, homosexuality was decriminalised in New South Wales.

Australian Fashion Week

As young generations grew up, they demanded colourful clothing and young and energetic fashion designers filled the void and it wasn’t long before Australian Fashion Week was born. This annual event really brought Aussie fashion to the forefront of the world stage, which began in 1996 with fashion designers such as Alex Perry, Wayne Cooper and Akira Isogawa. Every year, fashion journalists eagerly await this amazing event, which is usually held in April or May.

Global Acclaim

Aussie fashion went from strength to strength in the early 2000s, with very talented designers taking centre stage and producing stunning outfits. As you would expect, the general public loved the new fashion and in the past couple of decades, Australian fashion designers have gained a reputation as being innovative and very creative.

You only have to take a walk around Sydney centre to notice how colourful Australian fashion has become and if you are looking for designer clothing and accessories, start with an online search to find the best deals.