Candy Smash Ed.Square: Best Confectionery in Sydney Shopping Centre

Candy Smash Ed.Square

Sydney has its fair share of busy shopping centres but there’s one hidden gem in the heart of it all that will soon become your go-to for everything sweet and lovely. Candy Smash Ed Square won’t just be your average candy store, it will be an interactive candy wonderland where all of your sweet fantasies become a reality. Local Australian treats to exotic international delicacies: this shop is a testament to the owners love of unique and quality confections. Come and open up a delightful world of Candy Smash Ed.Square with us, to find out why it is fast-becoming the talk of the Sydney shopping centre town.

A Sweet Journey: The Story Behind Candy Smash

Candy Smash has a fantastic origin story, just like all great businesses! The brainchild of Candy Smash came out of an extensive understanding of the convenience and service station industry over 17 years – with a perceived gap in the market for premium, mixed variety confectionery. They started with a basic experiment: adding international products to their already popular product lines. What began as a curiosity quickly grew into an obsession with nontraditional and interesting snacks from all corners of the world.

The more she fell in love with unique cool products, the more that vision grew. So, they decided to pool their knowledge and love for the world of confectionery into something greater; a home, where all sweet-toothed foodies can come together and experience flavour from all over the world under one single roof. And so, the idea of Candy Smash was born – initially as an online store catering to customers nationwide and eventually evolved to a bricks and mortar shop in Sydney’s Ed.Square Shopping Centre.

A World of Flavors: Exploring Candy Smash’s Diverse Product Range

Walk into Candy Smash Ed.Square and hear the words you walk through of how many different products are available. It would be easy to mistake this for your average candy store, but the little shop is a selection of handpicked treats from all over the world. The shelves lining the shop are a tribute to founders Jeremy and Deb’s dedication to Sydney and its troves of sweet-tooths.

Showcasing Local Australian Confectionery by Candy Smash Here you will have all your childhood favourites from Tim Tams (naturally) to Caramello Koalas.

Try the maze of the U.S. with a wide selection of American treats; Remember those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Twinkies, and interesting M&M flavours that you can’t get here in Sydney?

Quality and Customer Service: The Candy Smash Promise

Quality and customer satisfaction are at the base of Candy Smash’s ideals. With their long-standing experience within the convenience industry, the founders know well how important good service is. Every part of the operation of Candy Smash carries that experience with it.

Candy Smash validates every product on the shelves through an ardent vetting process. Only the best of the best candy and confectionery gets into the store, it’s all we have mentioned. This means working with trustworthy suppliers, both near and far, and keeping abreast of the newest trends and flavours in the confectionery world. The result? A set of snacks that are not only delicious but also have the highest standards of quality and safety.

The Candy Smash Experience: More Than Just Shopping

Candy Smash Ed.Square is more than your average shopping visit. An ambiance aimed to be a blast for the senses that offers customers an escape from reality into a pastry world. What makes the experience of Candy Smash different?

As soon as you take a step in, a sea of colours welcomes you. Inside the store, they have taken great care into designing their layouts to display their products almost theatrically. Browsing is a pleasure thanks to bold, eye-catching displays and whimsical arrangements that often result in serendipitous finds.


This is Candy Smash Ed.Square, as you can see – more than a confectionery shop; it’s an example of what passion, quality and customer service can do. Since its inception within the Sydney Shopping Centre, its position today is paramount as for every type of delicious candy imaginable and consumed in a bucket load, Candy Smash has remained faithful to excellence.