Choosing The Right Eyelash Extensions For Your Eye Shape And Desired Look

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an effective way to make you more beautiful, without the need to wear makeup everyday. However, ellipse eyelashes are superior, in comparison to regular models. These extensions are preferred due to their flat base and oval tip design, mimicking the appearance of more volume while not weighing your own lashes down. Perfect for those desiring for a dramatic yet natural change, ellipse lashes can transform your look effortlessly.

Ellipse eyelashes are not only about length, but volume and lashes depth as well. They are intended to be less noticeable on the actual natural lashes, to achieve a more natural and subtle appearance. This kind of extension is most advantageous for candidates with naturally sparse or thin eyelashes, since the design offers a lot of volume.

Understanding Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

Ellipse eyelash extensions are different from round lash extensions. Their flat shape enables them to make better contact with the natural lash, therefore ensuring a stronger and longer-lasting attachment. Furthermore, ellipse lashes are lightweight, making sure that your natural lashes do not get damaged even with frequent application of these lashes.

Assessing Your Eye Shape for Perfect Lashes

Selecting the right eyelash extensions is a process that takes into account the natural shape of the eye.

a. Almond-shaped eyes 

Almond works for any kind of lashes, but an ellipse makes this eye shape even more beautiful by adding length and volume that makes the eyes appear more prominent.

b. Round eyes 

For more definition and for the lashes to look longer, ellipse lashes can be placed mainly at the outer corners, giving a kitten eye appearance that is very appealing.

c. Hooded eyes 

Ellipse lashes in a shorter length can provide a semblance of lift but does not come off as too dramatic, perfect for hooded eyes where adding more length diminishes the natural lash line.

Achieving Your Desired Lash Look with Ellipse Extensions

Ellipse eyelash extensions are versatile since they can be used to create any look—ranging from natural to glamorous. If you want a less noticeable makeover, opting for shorter, lighter ellipse lashes can also work well for you. For those seeking a more dramatic effect, then going for longer and denser ellipse lashes will work best to make your eyes pop. Consulting with a lash technician will help you get the specific look that you have in mind.

Maintaining Ellipse Eyelash Extensions for Longevity

Do not use oil-based makeup remover or anything that might compromise the adhesive used in the bonding process. Daily face washing, together with brushing of the lashes will ensure your lashes are clean and free from any debris. It would also be ideal to have touch-ups done every two to three weeks to maintain the desired fullness of the lashes.


Ellipse lashes are a practical, pretty, and comfy choice whether you are using lash extensions for the first time or have been using them for quite some time. Do not forget to consider the eye shape and the preferred look to select the proper lash style. Then, you will just sit back and appreciate the stunning change ellipse eyelash extensions bring!