Best Juice Spot: Habibi Juice in Eastern Creek Quarter Shopping Centre, Sydney

Habibi Juice

Located in the city of West Sydney, Habibi Juice is now a hub for people who are in the lookout for that one place that could offer them a respite for their weary souls. This new and colourful juice bar can be found at Eastern Creek Quarter Shopping Centre and has Middle Eastern influences as well as healthy options. Being the first juice bar in the Western Suburbs to introduce the ACAI fever to its customers, Habibi Juice has earned its popularity and reputation as the place to go for juices and healthy snacks. 

A menu that gives your taste buds a tour

Reflecting the founders’ passion of introducing an authentic Middle Eastern experience to Sydney’s Western Suburbs, Habibi Juice’s menu speaks for itself. Their best-known fruit cocktails are created with freshly sourced fruits and have a touch of Middle Eastern spices on them. For those who want to be extravagant, the Habibi blends are perfect to give a special flavour that is not in any regular cigarette. Both of these beverages are the epitome of juicy and complex combinations of exotic ingredients with traditional flavours. 

For those who seek something special, the Habibi blends breaking the taste union of different sorts which cannot be tasted in any other place. Here, some well-selected cocktails can be seen as the perfect combination of the orientation towards the exotic and the focus on popular tastes. Customers with a reasonable understanding of healthy eating habits will like the variety of cold-pressed juices, which contain vitamins and many other useful elements. Every bottle is a bright combination of colours, indicating a splash of vitamins and minerals for the body to carry on with the day. 

Tropical Paradise in Suburbia

As soon as one enters Habibi Juice, it feels as if they have been transported to an island full of palm trees. The aerodynamic, technicolour furniture and the openness of the space make it ideal for the consumption of a drink or a nutritious snack. The workers are helpful, with welcoming smiles to introduce the diverse options in the menu of their specialty dishes. Whether it be a brief refreshment while shopping or to meet friends for a chat, Habibi Juice offers the perfect environment. This atmosphere means that it would be impossible not to steer clear of the clamour of the mall and enjoy every drop of the desired beverage. 

The ACAI Bowl Revolution 

When Habibi Juice first entered the local market, it introduced the ACAI craze that had been causing so much activity in the health food subculture. These nutrient rich bowls soon became popular among the locals and the tourists as a fancy Instagram worthy healthy meal. 

And that is the confidence that makes Habibi Juice ACAI bowls stand out from the competitors, combined with the desire for quality. Sourcing only the best ACAI berries, they blend and puree it to get the creamy base before adding layers of toppings on it. Vegetables, fresh fruits, crunchy grains such as granola and a variety of their own favorite sauces are included, resulting in a perfect artistic mirror of culinary genius, which equals the beauty of what is found in a few ripe fruits. 


Habibi Juice has established itself as an important element of the infrastructure of a popular shopping centre Sydney, Eastern Creek Quarter as well as a drinking point for the shoppers and other inhabitants of the region. Due to its passion for using quality ingredients, creativity in the formation of meal tastes, and outstanding customer relations, this restaurant has become a favourite place in the western Sydney area.